NRG Stems | Built to last

Built to last

Product Development

In the last few years, the NRG Stem has been through many iterations and prototypes during the design phases, starting with initial 3D printed prototypes and later moving onto machined aluminium stems for testing.

The design has been refined throughout the proces and obstacles have been overcome to get us to this point today where the NRG Stem is refined ready for actiion. 

NRG Stems Ltd worked with Centreline Design and Manufacture Ltd on the project throughout the design, development and engineering phases.  They are UK design agency with a wealth of experience.  NRG Stem Ltd is in good hands.

Product Development

Risks and Challanges

There are always challenges involved with every new product development, we believe our team member's skills and experiernce will adjust to solve unforseen obstacles as fast as possible.


Suitable for road and mountain

The NRG Stem is suitable for road or mountain bikes; it's been built to withstand the tough pressures of trails and give great performance on the road. 

Road / Mountain

Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

The NRG Stem is manufactured from heat treated aluminium and has been rigourously tested to British, European and International standards.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, the NRG stem is built to last.


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